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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Spider web

Good heavens! So hectic with work and other website, I didn't realise this blog was getting very dusty. (@-@)""

Not only that, this site has been blacklisted by Google for doing paid post. Like what?!! I've not touched this blog for months and they have already black listed this. Ugh!

Now I need to write a love letter to Google to uplift the mark from my site. What a lame work...

Anyway, I will be updating this over. Ciaoz!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Price Hike Again

The price for crude oil has once again shot up sky high and with the future looking quite bleak, it will be a miracle to bring the price to what it used to be years back. With the oil prices increasing, the price of all products and raw materials that associates with it increases.

Precious metals are not left unaffected. In fact this is the best time to sell off your gold. The price that you get in return would be enough to get yourself a few I-Phone. However it is not advisable to be buying precious metals such as buy gold coin due to the price hike.

But if its a great deal and it's one of those hard to get collection, I too would be inclined to do a bit of investing.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Things we do for the millions

Echi.. really echi..

I'm down with Panda Bear Eyes. Been having only 4hrs of sleep everyday and re-designing all the previous designs. Not to mention I just got back from my latest business trip from Melaka.

That's the fourth trip for the week. Mati Liao.. (Die Man)

Now its 8pm local time and I'm still stuck in the office, slaving it away.

And all for my 2million worth of project... haiz..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

1st payment from Helium

Finally!! Yes finally after almost two months of waiting, Helium.com finally paid me.

Initially it was supposed to take maximum of 4 weeks for the publisher to purchase our article and pay up. But unfortunately something went awry, the payment was twiddled and I had to send many emails to Helium.com to remind them that its PayDay.

I almost thought they were a scam. But luckily they paid up.

Anyway I will still continue to write and enjoy the cash that accompanies it while Well Known Publishers pick and choose the articles written.

Who knows one day I will become a well known journalist or writer. After all, I started from writing fanfiction. Hehehe..

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Light Theraphy

I remembered a few days back reading about how successful a doctor in Melaka was. Her secret to having her returning customers is Light Relief Light Therapy. The device is very simple looking and the concept is also very simple. But the healing effect is great and that is what her customers returned for.

Her first customer, her father-in-law who is a patient for Gout, a swelling abnormality found due to high protein intake, tried the theraphy and amazingly it works like a charm.

From then on, patients rounded in inclusive of children who were suffering from Chicken Pox, a real itchy mess.

But how does it really works? Actually the device relies on Infrared light that emits diodes or LEDs to create a powerful stream of warm therapeutic light that penetrates deep, increasing circulation, and relieving minor muscle pain, joint pain, and stiffness.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Shopping online must be user friendly.

Yes, as usual this blog always concentrate on work or just personal issues. Anyway, I was going through one of the ecommerce software on the internet and one particular product intrigue me.

I like the idea of hassle free with easy user interface that can help even a 5yr old kid to navigate. A great design with easy scripting and debugging methods is also a plus for me. I cannot stand having to go through thousands of commands just to find a comma or a small mistake in the scripts.

Of course, it must also be banks compatible and good for paypal, moneybookers lovers. As I had said, a user compatible. I don't like the hassle of rummaging through credit cards only to find the website accepts Paypal only.

Thus, if you wish to know what product I'm talking about, you can Google Ashop.com.au or just click on the link above.

I am not returning to the old work place!

Amazing what desperation does to a person. My previous main contractor that I had temporarily went under their wing wants me back. They are willing to pay me SGD2500 to clean up their dirty mess since I was in charge of that department previously.

Sounds good with the OT rates and all... But after the hell I went through while I was working under them, I forgo the thought. They make their workers like slave to the point we are at their beck and call and have to be on 24hr standby even though its our off day.. Did I mention I was in charge of the RF readings and specs.. And I was paid a meager SGD1500..

So it was a nice call I received this morning especially when I hear the boss pleading for me to return. Back to the hell hole?


It's slavery.. No way am I ever returning back to them even though I was under training by them. It's enough to give me nightmares!

Thursday, April 03, 2008


VOIP or better known as Voice Over Internet Protocol is now a money saver in business. To connect with international customers, IDD rates are usually a heavy brunt on any SMEs. The current rate in using Telekom Malaysia to call Singapore is at least RM0.50/min or USD0.20/min. Doesn't look too expensive, but wait until you see your monthly bills.

Which is why every internet users are seeking better bargains by using VOIP. To connect with friends and families using VOIP, both users must be online in order to answer calls. That is what you get for free types.

But if you wish to be able to answer VOIP calls without having the fuss to be 24hr online, there are other alternatives. VoIP Phone Systems lets you connect with your customers, friends and families easily.

The rates are also quite cheap compared to the current rate TM is charging me. Almost USD$200 per month! Nearly gave me a heart attack.